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 Choosing your Beach Cruiser 

Tips in Buying a Beach Cruiser Bike

Going around the beach on foot is fun, but after some time it can get pretty tiring. If you are the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time at the beach, you might want to invest in a beach cruiser bike. It is not the type that you get so you can zip in and around the beach, but you can trust that it is supremely comfortable. Your days under the sun will surely be ten times better with it, but you also need to have a guide in order to purchase the best one for yourself.

Comfort and Durability

On the list of things to consider when shopping for a beach cruiser bike, the comfort level is at the very top run. Beach cruiser bike seats pertain to this, of course, and you will definitely need to try out several seats to find the one you enjoy sitting on the most. Remember – it is not enough that you get your behind to sit on the seat itself, you need to get it warmed up. This simply means it takes a lot of sitting to find out if it is indeed as comfortable as it seems in the beginning. Choose a well-padded one that comes in a soft yet durable material so you will not have to worry about the seams fraying. Along with the seat is the level of the handle bar to your seat. If you can, try to get one that can easily be adjusted so you will be able to customize the level to fit your needs.

Accessories and Then Some

Of course, a beach cruiser bike becomes all the more efficient when it can also carry your beach essentials. Beach cruiser bike baskets are pretty prevalent now, without making you look like a little girl! Choose sturdy wire baskets that you can detach from the bike when you feel that there will be days when you will not need it. If you are a bit iffy about this, trust that you will thank yourself for considering it – especially when you have your towel, sun block, slipper and other beach must-haves balanced on your arms. There are other beach cruiser bike accessories you would probably want to consider, such as a bell. Make sure it is loud and clear to let others in your path know that you are fast approaching (and to keep the Frisbee players aware of your presence despite chasing after the disc).

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Firmstrong and Micargi make a great selection of men's bikes. Single Speed Cruisers are great for ease of riding and maintenance. No shifting, easy braking, and low cost comfort. Multi-Speed Beach Cruisers are the same bikes but built to endure the longer ride or hilly terrain. They make a good commuter bike.

Our selection of high quality Mountain Bikes has been narrowed down to get you the best performance for your money. You get quality at an affordable price whether looking for a front suspension or full suspension model. Mountain bikes are great all terrain bikes. They excel in hilly areas and on rough surfaces. Don't have a perfectly manicured bike path to ride on? Try a mountain bike for extra stability. We also offer a wide selection of sturdy, and stable riding beach cruisers. Both styles of bike are excellent for many riding conditions.

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